Pat Boone - Diskographie

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Pat Boone - Diskographie

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hier so einiges von Pat Boone, was ich nur teilweise gut finde,

Republic (1953)
7049-45 Until You Tell Her So / My Heart Belongs To You - 06-53
7062-45 Remember To Me Mine / Halfway Chance With You - 10-53
7084-45 I Need Someone / Loving You Madly - 02-54
7119-45 I Need Someone / My Heart Belongs To You - 55 RE

Dot (1955-1968)
45-15338 Two Hearts Two Kisses / Tra-La-La - 02-55
45-15377 Ain't That A Shame / Tennessee Saturday Night - 06-55 -/1
45-15422 At My Front Door / No Other Arms - 09-55 -/7
45-15435 Gee Whitakers / Take The Time - 11-55 -/19
45-15443 I'll Be Home / Tutti Frutti - 12-55 -/4
45-15457 Long Tall Sally / Just As Long As I'm With You - 03-56
45-15472 I Almost Lost My Mind / I'm In Love With You - 05-56 -/1
45-15490 Friendly Persuasion (Thee I love) / Chains Of Love - 08-56 -/5
45-15521 Don't Forbid Me / Anastasia - 11-56 -/1
45-15545 Why Baby Why / I'm Waitin' Just For You - 02-57 -/5
45-15570 Love Letters In The Sand / Bernadine - 04-57 -/1
45-15602 Remember You're Mine / There's A Gold Mine In The Sky - 07-57 -/6
45-15660 April Love / When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano - 10-57 -/1
45-15690 Wonderful Time Up There / It's Too Soon To Know - 01-58 -/4
45-15750 Cherie I Love You / Sugar Moon - 04-58 -/63
45-15785 That's How Much I Love You / If Dreams Come True - 06-58 -/39
45-15825 Gee But It's Lonely / For My Good Fortune - 09-58 -/21
45-15840 I'll Remember Tonight / Mardi Gras March - 10-58 -/34
45-15888 Good Rockin' Tonight / With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair -17-12-58 -/49
45-15914 For A Penny / The Wang Dang Taffy Apple Tango - 03-59 -/23
45-15955 Twixt Twelve And Twenty / Rock Boll Weevil - 13-05-59 -/17
45-15982 Fool's Hall Of Fame / Brightest Wishing Star - 13-08-59 -/29
45-16006 Beyond The Sunset / Faithful Heart - 11-59 -/71
45-16015 Journey To The Center Of The Earth 1 / Journey To The Center Of The Earth 2 - ca. 11-59
45-16028 Ain't That A Shame / I'll Be Home - ca. 12-59 RE
45-16033 I Almost Lost My Mind / Freindly Persuasion - ca. 12-59 RE
45-16034 Don't Forbid Me / April Love - ca. 12-59 RE
45-16035 Love Letters In The Sand / Wonderful Time Up There - ca. 12-59 RE
45-16048 Words / (Welcome) New Lovers - 16-01-60
45-16073 Walking The Floor Over You / Spring Rain - 08-04-60 -/44
45-16122 Delia's Gone / Candy Sweet - 07-60
S-1521 Cathy's Clown / Send Me The Pillow You Dream On - 60
S-1522 Wayward Wind / Tweedle Dee - 60
45-16152 Alabam / Dear John - 10-60
45-16160 Silver Bells / ? - 11-60
45-16176 Exodus Song / There's A Moon Out Tonight - 30-12-60 -/64
45-16190 Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White / On Both Sides - 01-61
45-16209 Moody River / Thousand Years - 03-61 -/1
45-16244 Big Cold Wind / That's My Desire - 28-06-61 -/19
45-16284 Johnny Will / (If I'm Dreaming) Just Let Me Dream - 23-11-61
45-16312 I'll See You In My Dreams / Pictures In Fire - 22-02-62 -/32
45-16349 Quando Quando Quando (Tell Me When) / Willing And Eager - 04-62 -/95
45-16368 Speedy Gonzales / Locket - 05-62 -/6
45-16391 Ten Lonely Guys / Lover's Lane - 08-62 -/45
45-16406 Blues Stay Away From Me / Every Step Of The Way - 09-62
45-107 Moody River / Speedy Gonzales - ca. 62 RE
45-108 Friendly Persuasion / Ain't That A Shame - ca. 62 RE
45-109 Don't Forbid Me / April Love - ca. 62 RE
45-110 Love Letters In The Sand / Wonderful Time Up There - ca. 62 RE
45-16416 Mexican Joe / In The Room - 11-62
45-16439 Days Of Wine And Roses / Meditation - 01-63
45-16474 Main Attraction / Always You And Me - 04-63
45-16494 Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport / I Feel Like Crying - ca. 05-63
45-16498 Si Si Si / Gondoli Gondola / Main Attraction / Amore Baciami - ca. 06-63
45-16525 Mister Moon / Love Me - ca. 09-63
45-16547 O Holy Night / Santa's Comin' In A Whirley Birch - 11-63
45-16559 Some Enchanted Evening / That's Me - ca. 12-63
45-16576 I Like What You Do / Never Put It In Writing - 03-64
45-16598 I Understand / Rose Marie - 05-64
45-151 I'll Be Home / I Almost Lost My Mind - ca. 64 RE
45-16626 Side By Side / I'll Never Be Free - 06-64
45-16641 Sincerely / Don't You Just Know It - 07-64
45-16658 Beach Girl / Little Honda - 19-08-64 -/72

45-16668 Goodbye Charlie / Love Who Needs It - 09-64
45-16684 I'd Rather Die Young / I Want It That Way - 10-64
45-16699 Blueberry Hill / Heartaches - 12-64
45-16707 Baby Elephant Walk / Say Goodbye - 01-65
45-16728 Pearly Shells / Crazy Arms - 04-65
45-16738 Mickey Mouse / Welcome New Lovers - 05-65
45-16754 Rainy Days / With My Eyes Wide Open In Dreaming - ca. 06-65
45-16785 I Love You So Much It Hurts / Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland - ca. 09-65
45-16808 Run To Me Baby / Man Alone - ca. 12-65
45-16825 As Tears Go By / Judith - ca. 02-65
45-16836 It Seems Like Yesterday / Well Remembered - ca. 03-66
45-16871 Five Miles From Home / Don't Pull Your Feelt In The Lemonade - ca. 06-66
45-16903 You Don't Need Me Anymore / Wrath Of Grapes - 07-66
45-16933 Wish You Were Here Buddy / Love Me Please Love Me - 10-66 -/49
45-16998 Hurry Sundown / What If They Gave - ca. 02-67
45-17018 Me / Have You Heart - ca. 05-67
45-17027 In The Mirror Of Your Mind / Swanee Is A River - ca. 07-67
45-17045 By The Time I Get To Phoenix / Ride Ride Ride - ca. 09-67
45-17056 You Mean All The World To Me / Green Kentucky Hills Of Home - ca. 11-67
45-17076 Emily / It's A Happening World - 02-68
45-17098 500 Miles / I Had A Dream - ca. 04-68
45-17122 Gonna Find Me A Bluebird / Deafening Roar Of Silence - 08-68
45-17156 Beyond One Memory / September Blues - 11-68
P-2694 Love Letters In The Sand / Wonderful Time Up There - 73 RE
P-2714 April Love / Don't Forbid Me - 74 RE
P-2738 Moody River / Speedy Gonzales - 75 RE

Tetragrammaton (1969)
T-1516 Break My Mind / July You're A Woman - 03-69
T-1529 Never Going Back / What's Gnawing At Me - 69
T-1540 Good Morning Dear / You Win Again - 69

Capitol (1970)
2763 What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life / Now I'm Saved - 02-70
2860 Picking Up Pebbles / My God - 07-70

MGM / Lion (1971-1972)
K-14242 All For The Love Of Sunshine / M-i-a-p-o-w - 04-71
K-14282 C'mon Give A Hand / Where There's A Heartache - 07-71
KGC-106 Mr Blue / Song Of The Children Of Israel - 72
119 I Believe In Music / Children Learn What They Live - 72
126 If You're Gona Make A Fool Of Somebody / Empty Chairs - 72
KGC-206 There's A Lot More Lauin' Down / Help Me Understand - 72
K-14470 I Saw The Light / Great Speckled Bird - 11-72
K-14476 Pay The Piper / Did You Give The World Some Love - 12-72
K-14484 He Is Coming Soon / Daddy Sang Bass - 01-73
K-14521 Tying The Pieces Together / Hayden Carter - 03-73
K-14601 Everything Begins And Ends With You / Golden Rocket - 07-73

Buena Vista (1973)
487 Little Green Tree / Sound Of Christmas - 11-73

Motown / Melodyland / Hitsville (1974-1977)
M-1314F Please Mr Postman / Friend - 74
M-6001F Candy Lips / Young Girl - 10-74
ME-6005F Indiana Girl / Young Girl - 03-75
ME-6018F Yester Me Yester You Yesterday / I'd Do It With You - 09-75
ME-6029F Glory Train / UFO - 01-76
ME-6037F Texas Woman / It's Gone - 06-76 34/-
H-6042F Oklahoma Sunshine / Won't Be Home Tonight - 09-76
H-6047F Country Days And Country Nights / Lovelight Comes A Shinin' - 12-76
H-6054F Colorado Country Morning / Don't Want To Fall Away From You - 04-77
MC-5001F Whatever Happened To The Good Old Honky / Ain't Goin' Down In The Ground - ca. 07-77

Warner Brothers (1979-1981)
WBS 49097 Midnight / Can You Feel The Love - 10-79
WBS 49255 Hostage Prayer / Love's Got A Way Of Hanging On - 04-80
WBS 49596 Colorado Country Morning / Whatever Happened To The Good Old Honky Tonk - 10-80 RE
WBS 49691 Throw It Away / Won't Be Home Tonight - 04-81

Silver Dollar (1986)
SD-70003 What A Pair We Make / Over - 86
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Re: Pat Boone - Diskographie

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Dot (1956 - 1968)
PAT BOONE(-/20)lyrics inside Dot DLP-3012 1956
Preview Ain't That A Shame(-/1), Rich In Love, Two Hearts Two Kisses (Make One Love)(-/16), No Arms Can Ever Hold You(-/26), Now I Know, Gee Whittakers(-/19), At My Front Door(-/7), Take The Time, Tutti Frutti(-/12), Tra-la-la, Tennessee Saturday Night, I'll Be Home(-/4).

HOWDY(-/14)lyrics inside Dot DLP-3030 1956
Preview Begin The Beguine, Hummin' The Blues, Would You Like To Take A Walk, All I Do Is Dream Of You, That Lucky Old Sun, Beg Your Pardon, Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy, With You, Ev'ry Little Thing, Forgive Me, Sunday, Harbor Lights.

PAT(-/5)lyrics inside Dot DLP-3050 1956
Preview Flip Flop And Fly, Pledging My Love, Money Money, Tomorrow Night, Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens, Shake A Hand, Honey Hush, Please Send Me Someone To Love, I'm In Love Again, Rock Around The Clock, Shotgun Boogie, Five Ten Fifteen Hours.

HYMNS WE LOVE(-/21)lyrics inside Dot DLP-3068 1957
Preview Old Rugged Cross, It Is No Secret (What God Can Do), Whispering Hope, Sweet Hour Of Prayer, My God Is Real (Yes God Is Real), Beyond The Sunset(-/71), In The Garden, Softly And Tenderly, Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Yield Not To Temptation, Have Thine Own Way Lord, Now The Day Is Over.reissued DLP-25068

APRIL LOVE(-/21) Dot DLP-9000 1957
Preview April Love, Clover In The Meadow, Tugfire, Give Me A Gentle Girl, First Meeting, Gentle Girl (w.Shirley Jones), April Love, Tugfire's Escape, April Love (w. Shirley Jones, Sucker Race, Do It Yourself, Lover's Quarrel, Tugfire's Ilness, Bentonville Fair, Finale.soundtrack

PAT'S GREAT HITS(-/3)lyrics inside Dot DLP-3071 1957
Preview Love Letters In The Sand(-/1), Why Baby Why(-/5), Anastasia(-/37), Bernardine(-/14), Remember You're Mine(-/6), Chains Of Love(-/10), Don't Forbid Me(-/1), I'm In Love With You(-/57), Friendly Persuasion (Thee I Love)(-/5), I Almost Lost My Mind(-/1), I'm Waiting Just For You(-/27), There's A Goldmine In The Sky(-/14).reissued DLP-25071

SINGS IRVING BERLINlyrics inside Dot DLP-3077 1957
Preview All Alone, How Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky), Soft Lights And Sweet Music, Always, Be Careful It's My Heart, You Forgot To Remember, Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody, What'll I Do, All By Myself, Girl That I Merry, Say It Isn't So, Say It's Wonderful, Say It With Music, Count My Blessings Instead Of Sheep.

STAR DUST(-/2)lyrics inside Dot DLP-3118 1958
Preview Stardust, Deep Purple, Autumn Leaves, September Song, I'll Walk Alone, Ebb Tide, To Each His Own, Cold Cold Heart, Anniversary Song, Little White Lies, Solitude, Blueberry Hill, Heartaches, St Louis Blues.reissued DLP-25118

YES INDEED(-/12)lyrics inside Dot DLP-25121 1958
Preview Yes Indeed, Lazy River, Sweet Sue Just You, They Can't Take That Away From Me, My Baby Just Cares For Me, Don't Worry Bout Me, Lonesome Road, Gone Fishin', Sweet Georgia Brown, Robins And Roses, I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise, American Beauty Rose, I've Heard That Song Before, It's A Pity To Say Goodnight.

SINGS(-/12)lyrics inside Dot DLP-3158 1958
Preview April Love(-/1), When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano(-/80), Sugar Moon(-/5), Cherie I Love You(-/63), If Dreams Come True(-/7), That's How Much I Love You(-/39), Gee But It's Lonely(-/21), For My Good Fortune(-/23), I'll Remember Tonight(-/34), Mardi Gras March, Wonderful Time Up There(-/4), It's Too Soon To Know(-/4).reissued DLP-25118

TENDERLY(-/17)lyrics inside Dot DLP-25180 1959
Preview Tenderly, I'm In The Mood For Love, You Belong To Me, True Love, More Than You Know, Because Of You, Secret Love, Why Don't You Believe Me, Fascination, Nearness Of You, How Soon, Maybe You'll Be There.

SIDE BY SIDEwith Shirley Boonelyrics inside Dot DLP-25199 1959
Preview Side By Side, Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Sentimental Me, I'll Never Be Free, Vaya Con Dios (May God Be With You), Melody Of Love, You Can't Be True Dear, My Happiness, Now Is The Hour, Drifting And Dreaming, Let The Rest Of The World Go By.

WHITE CHRISTMASlyrics inside Dot DLP-25222 1959
Preview White Christmas, Jingle Bells, Adeste Fideles, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, O Little Town Of Bethlehem, Silver Bells, Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town, Silent Night, O Holy Night, Hark The Herald Angels Sing, First Noel, I'll Be Home For Christmas, Joy To The World, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.

HE LEADETH ME Dot DLP-25234 1959
Preview He Leadeth Me, I Am Thine O Lord, Blessed Assurance, Take The Name Of Jesus With You, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, Nearer My God To Thee, Rock Of Ages, Let The Lower Lights Be Burning, I Love To Tell The Story, God Will Take Care Of You, Saviour Like Shepherd Leads Us, God Will Be With You Till We Meet Again.

PAT'S GREAT HITS 2 Dot DLP-25261 1960
Preview Wonderful Time Up There, It's Too Soon To Know, Sugar Moon, If Dreams Come True, April Love, Cherie I Love You, That's How Much I Love You, For My Good Fortune, Gee But It's Lonely, Mardi Gras March, When The Swallows Come Back To stereo versions

MOONGLOW(-/26) Dot DLP-25270 1960
Preview Moonglow, Hands Across The Table, Girl Of My Dreams, Who's Sorry Now, San Antonio Rose, I'll Never Smile Again, You Always Hurt The One You Love, Imagination, Unchained Melody, Very Thought Of You, Lullaby Of The Leaves, It's A Sin To Tell A Lie, We Love But Once, Again.

THIS AND THAT Dot DLP-25285 1960
Preview Wait For Me Mary, Many Dreams Ago, Didn't It Rain, Oh What A Feeling, Remember Me (I'm The One Who Loves You), Blue Bobby Sacks, Bewildered, It's Been A Long Long Time, Call It Stormy Monday, Heart Full Of Happiness, Havin' Fun Spo Dee-o-dee, Jimmy Brown The Newsboy.

Preview Stagger Lee, El Paso, Running Bear, Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On, Cathy's Clown, Wayward Wind, Tweedle Dee, Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White, That'll Be The Day, White Silver Sands, Why Don't You Haul Off And Love, (You've Got) Personality, He's Got The Whole World In His Hands.

MOODY RIVER(-/29) Dot DLP-25384 1961
Preview Moody River(-/1), Angel On My Shoulder, Great Pretender, Love Makes The World Go Around, Corrine Corrina, Thousand Years, Sleep, Will You Love Me Tomorrow, There's A Moon Out Tonight, Georgia On My Mind, Blue Moon, I've Told You Ev'ry Little Star.

MY GOD AND I Dot DLP-25386 1961
Preview My God And I, Wonderful Saviour, O Master Let Me Walk With Thee, Beautiful Saviour, There's A Balm In Gilead, Abide With Me, Wayfaring Stranger, How Shall The Young Secure Their Hearts, I Need Thee Every Hour, When I Sarvey The Wondrous Cross, Mighty Fortress, May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You.

Preview I'll See You In My Dreams(-/32), Peg O'My Heart, Tammy, My Blue Heaven, Tennessee Waltz, Pictures In The Fire, That Old Black Magic, Alone, Brazil, Prisoner Of Love, Gypsy, Paper Doll.

STATE FAIR(-/21) Dot DLP-29011 1962
Preview Our State Fair (w. Alice Faye & Tom Ewell), It Might As Well Be Spring (Anita Gordon), That's For Me, More Than Just A Friend (Tom Ewell), Isn't It Kinda Fun (Ann Margret & David Street), Willing And Eager (w. Ann Margret), Never Say No To A Man (Alice Faye), It's A Grand Night For Singing, Little Things In Texas (Tom Ewell& Alice Faye & Kids Chorus), Our State Fair Finale (Chorus).soundtrack

Preview Story Of Creation, 23rd Psalm, First Psalm, Sermon On The Mount, First Corinthians 13.

GOLDEN HITS(-/66) Dot DLP-25455 1962
Preview Speedy Gonzales(-/6), Johnny Will, Words, Wang Dang Taffy Apple Tango(-/62), With The Wind And Rain In Your Hair(-/21), Dear John Letter, Welcome New Lovers(-/18), For A Penny(-/23), Big Cold Wind(-/19), Twixt Twelve And Twenty(-/17), Alabam, Walking The Floor Over You(-/44).

I LOVE YOU TRULYwith Shirley Boone Dot DLP-25475 1962
Preview I Love You Truly, Hawaiian Wedding Song, Love Is Here To Stay, True Love, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, Every Step Of The Way, Blues Stay Away From Me, Blue Hawaii, Beside Me, Moon June Spoon, How About You, I Can't Give You Anything But I Love, You'll Never Be Lonely.

Preview Love Me, Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear, Hound Dog, All Shook Up, One Night, Wear My Ring Around Your Neck, Love Me Tender, Don't Be Cruel, Blue Suede Shoes, My Baby Left Me, Heartbreak Hotel, It's Now Or Never.

Preview Days Of Wine And Roses, Mon Alisa, Love Is A Many Splendored Thing, Laura, Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart), Sweet Leilani, Moon River, Ruby, Three Coins In The Fountain, Be My Love, Fanny, Exodus Song (This Land Is Mine)(-/64).

Preview Walking The Floor Over You, Remember You're Mine, I'm In Love With You, For A Penny, Wang Dang Taffy Apple Tango, Bewildered, Bernardine, Love Letters In The Sand, Why Baby Why, Twixt Twelve And Twenty, It's Too Soon To Know, Wonderful Time Up There.

Preview Star Spangled Banner, United States Air Force, America The Beautiful, Battle Hymn Of The Republic, Anchors Aweigh, God Bless America, This Is My Country, Marines Hymn, America, I'm Proud To Be An American, There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere, Caissons Go Rolling Along.reissued WST-8725

Preview Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport, I Feel Like Cryin', Deep Are The Roots, More Than Only Friends, Two Little Kisses, I Need Someone (Like You), Whole Lotta Water, My Queen In Calico, Angel Talk, Going To New York, Just Out Of Reach, Memory Mountain.

TOUCH OF YOUR LIPSwith Gordon Jenkins Dot DLP-25546 1963
Preview Touch Of Your Lips, Warm All Over, Long Ago (And Far Away), Just One More Chance, Here's To My Lady, I Concentrate On You, Close, My Romance, I Love You Much Too Much, In The Heat Of The Day, Alone Together, Mam'selle.

AIN'T THAT A SHAME Dot DLP-25573 1964
Preview Ain't That A Shame, In The Room (Where I'm Missing You), Sunday Monday Or Always, Mr Moon, He'll Have To Go, In My Little Red Book, That's Me Without You, Everybody's Somebody's Fool, It Sure Looks Lonesome Outside, While You Were Away, Where Are You, Venus.

THE LORD'S PRAYER Dot DLP-25582 1964
Preview Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere, How Great Thou Art, Bringing In The Sheaves, I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked, Just As I Am, Onward Christian Soldiers, He, True Hearted Whole Hearted, Day Is Dying In The West, Lord's Prayer, I Believe, Ave Maria.

BOSS BEAT Dot DLP-25594 1964
Preview Memphis, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Raindrops, Loco-motion, Kansas City, Hey Baby, Walk Right In, Sweet Little Sixteen, Mashed Potato Time, Searchin', Way Down Yonder To New Orleans, Our Day Will Come.

BLEST BE THY NAME Dot DLP-25601 1964
Preview Peace Perfect Peace, Eternal Father Strong To Save, Amazing Grace, Come Thou Almighty King, O Worship The King, Blest Be Tie That Binds, Jesus Lover Of My Soul, Holy Holy Holy, All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name, Dear Lord And Father Of Manking, When Peace Like A River, Softly Now The Light Of Day.

NEAR YOU Dot DLP-25608 1964
Preview Near You, Twilight Time, It Isn't Fair, Canadian Sunset, When I Fall In Love, Love Who Needs It, Love Letters, My Prayer, Blue Velvet, Shangri-la, You'll Never Know, More.

Preview Roses Are Red (My Love), Wolverton Mountain, Paper Roses, Gone, Last Date, Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes, Singing The Blues, Ramblin' Rose, Crazy Arms, End Of The World, To Be Alone, I'd Rather Die Young.

Preview With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming, Red Roses For A Blue Lady, Maybe, Release Me, Willow Weep For Me, Dear Heart, It's No Sin, Pass Me By, My Love Forgive Me, When Did You Leave Heaven, Girl From Ipanema, Pearly Shells.

Preview You'll Never Walk Alone, Misty, Moonlight Serenade, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Tonight, Night And Day, Tea For Two, All The Things You Are, I Left My Heart In San Francisco, We Gaze On Tomorrow, As Time Goes By, Ol' Man River.

GREAT HITS OF 1965 Dot DLP-25685 1965
Preview Judith, I Will, England Swings, Yesterday, Taste Of Honey, Make The World Go Away, Flowers On The Wall, As Tears Go By, King Of The Road, One Has My Name, You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin', Spanish Eyes.

MEMORIES Dot DLP-25748 1966
Preview Memories, Are You Lonesome Tonight, I Love You So Much It Hurts, Does Your Heart Beat For Me, Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland, Till Then, It Seems Like Yesterday, When The Blue Of The Night Meets The Gold, Silver Moon, Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall, Waltz You Saved For Me, Drifting And Dreaming.

Preview Wish You Were Here Buddy(-/49), You Win Again, Five Miles From Home, Me, Don't Let The Blues Make You Bad, Million And One, Someone Before Me, Just A Little Bit Of Rain, Lyin' Woman, You Ain't No Better Than Me, You Don't Need Me Anymore.

TRUE LOVE Pickwick SPC-3079 1966
Preview True Love, Red Roses For A Blue Lady, I'm In The Mood For Love, To Each His Own, Exodus Song, Just One More Chance, All The Things You Are, You'll Never Walk Alone, Who's Sorry Now, Ruby.sampler

Preview Christmas Is A Comin', Christmas Waltz, Do You Hear What I Hear, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Little Green Tree, Chosen Ones, Blue Christmas, Christmas Song, Winter Wonderland, Santa's Comin' In A Whirlybird, We Wish You A Merry Christmas.

Preview How Great Thou Art, Beyond The Sunset, My God Is Real, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, Lily Of The Valley, In The Garden, Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere, I Need The Every Hour, Abide With Me, Rock Of Ages.

Preview I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman, What If They Gave A War And No One Came, I'll Find You, Childhood Sweethearts, Well Remembered Highly Thought Of Love Affair, My Cup Runneth Over, It's Not Time Now, Tiffany Rings, Goin' To Frisco, Workin' It Out.

GOLDEN HITS 2 Dot DLP-25814 1967
Preview Love Letters In The Sand, Friendly Persuasion (Thee I Love), Moody River, I Almost Lost My Mind, Why Baby Why, Anastasia, Don't Forbid Me, April Love, Speedy Gonzales, It's Too Soon To Know, Wonderful Time Up There, With The Wind And Rain In Your Hair, Sugar Moon, Twixt Twelve And Twenty, There's A Goldmine In The Sky.sampler

LOOK AHEAD Dot DLP-25876 1968
Preview Gonna Find Me A Bluebird, I Just Said Goodbye To My Dreams, Love Of The Common People, Take These Chains, From My Heart The Day, After Forever, Too Soon To Know, Kaw-liga, Deafening, Roar Of Silence, More And More, Baby I Feel Like Cryin', Help Me Love You.

LOVE ME TENDER Pickwick SPC-3101 1968
Preview Friendly Persuasion, Deep Purple, April Love, Three Coins In The Fountain, Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes, Blue Moon, Love Me Tender, Touch Of Your Lips, Just Out Of Reach, Long Ago And Far Away.sampler

CANADIAN SUNSET Pickwick SPC-3123 1968
Preview Canadian Sunset, That Old Black Magic, Ruby, My Romance, Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On, Stardust, They Can't Make That Away From Me, Because Of You, Laura, My Blue Heaven.sampler, reissued PTP-2006

FAVORITE HYMNS Pickwick SPC-3145 1969
Preview Whispering Hope, Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere, In The Garden, Holy Holy Holy, Rock Of Ages, Softly And Tenderly, Beyond The Sunset, Jesus Lover Of My Soul, Amazing Grace, Lord's Prayer.sampler

Lamb & Lion (1972 - 1979)
GOLDEN HYMNS Lamb & Lion LL-1001 1972
Preview Take My Hand Precious Lord, In The Garden, Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Sweet Hour Of Prayer, Pass Me Not, Amazing Grace, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, Nearer My God To Thee, My God Is Real, Old Rugged Cross.

Preview One Way, Little Country Church, Hallelujah, Children Of The Day, Take A Little Time, I Have Decided To Follow Jesus, Hymn, Walking Hand In Hand, Forgive Me My Friend, For Those Tears I Died, Be Attitudes, I Wish We'd All Been Ready.

Preview I Saw The Light, Family Bible, My Religion's Not Old Fashioned (But It's Really Genuine), Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus, Are You Walking And A Talking With The Lord, Great Speckled Bird, Me And Jesus, Taller Than Trees, Wait For The Light To Shine, Tramp On The Street, Turn Your Radio On, Avenue Of Prayer.

FAMILY WHO PRAYSwith Family Lamb & Lion LL-1006 1973
Preview Gloryland March, How Can You Refuse Him Now, Dust On The Bible, Old Fashioned Singing, Bubbling In My Soul, Family Who Prays Never Shall Part, Help Me Understand, Lord Is Counting On You, I'll Meet You In The Morning, Thank God, Old Country Church, He Will Set Your Fields On Fire.

BORN AGAIN Lamb & Lion LL-1007 1973
Preview That Glory Bound Train, These Hands, I've Got So Many Million Years, Rank Strangers, When My Lord Picks Up The Phone, Suppertime, Born Again, Satisfied, Blackland Farmer, There's A Lot More Layin' Down, Old Brush Arbors, But For The Grace Of God.

ALL IN THE BOONE FAMILYwith Family Lamb & Lion LL-1008 1973
Preview I Believe In Music, Mr Blue, Pay The Piper, Did You Give The World, Satisfied Mind, Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation, Silver Threads And Golden Needles, All For The Love Of Sunshine, Last Thing On My Mind, Three Bells, Gotta Travel On.

THANK YOU DEAR LORD Lamb & Lion LL-1011 1973

S-A-V-E-D Lamb & Lion LL-1013 1973

Preview Just As I Am, I Can Hear My Savior Calling, Into My Heart, He's The Savior Of My Soul, I Am Thine O Lord, Have Your Own Way Lord, Does Jesus Care, My Jesus I Love You, More Love To Thee, Jesus Savior Pilot Me/Sun Of My Soul/Jesus The Very Thought Of You, Fairest Lord Jesus, I Need You Every Hour, Sacrifice Of Praise.

Preview Didn't He, Don't Give Up On Jesus, Fool's Wisdom, Lord, Something Supernatural, Ufo, Way Out Jesus, What A Song, Wings Of Fire, You Were On His Mind, You'll Start Falling In Love.

DOWN HOME Lamb & Lion LL-1024 1975
Preview Campin' In Canaan Land, Someone To Care, Tree Of Life, Thief In The Night, We Need A Lot More Of Jesus (And A Lot Less Rock'n Roll), Praying, Gloryland Way, Why Me, Tattler's Wagon, Acres Of Diamonds, I'm Gonna Serve Him (Till I Die), If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again.

MIRACLE MERRY GO ROUND Lamb & Lion LL-1029 1977
Preview Keep Holding On, Waiting For A Train, One To One, Together Stand, When The Bridgeroom Comes, Remember, Miracle Merry Go Round, If You're Not Ashamed, One Way, Preacher Man, Song For The Morning.

JUST THE WAY I AM Lamb & Lion LL-1039 1979
Preview Something Good, More Of You, Filled To Overflowin', You Loved Somethin' About Me, I Have, Just The Way I Am, To Be Like Him, I Go To The Rock, Jesus Was There All The Time, Stone By Stone.

Other recordings
DEPARTURE Tetragrammaton T-118 1969
Preview What's Gnawing At Me, July You're A Woman, Within My Own Time, Song Of The Siren, Molly, Never Goin' Back, Long Distance, No Playing In The Snow Today, I've Got A Secret, Bad News, Break My Mind, Friends.

RAPTURE Supreme SS-2060 1970
Preview Bound For The Promised Land (On Jordan's Stormy Banks), Someday Sometime, He Touched Me, Jesus Is Coming Again, How Great Thou Art, Down From His Glory, There's A Song In My Heart, Whispering Hope, Face To Face, Saved By Grace, Battle Hymn Of The Republic.

Preview I Love You More And More Every Day, Good Things, After You, What My Woman Can't Do, Golden Rocket, You Lay So Easy On My Mind, Blue Train (Of The Heartbreak Line), She Fights That Lovin' Feeling, Jambalaya (On The Bayou), Hayden Carter.

TEXAS WOMAN Hitsville H6-405-S1 1977
Preview Texas Woman(34/-), Throw It Away, Indian Gal, It's Gone, Country Days And Country Nights, Oklahoma Sunshine, Don't Want To Fall Away From You, Won't Be Home Tonight, Young Girl, Lovelight Comes A Shining.reissued MC6-505-S1

THE COUNTRY SIDE Music City MC6-501-S1 1977
Preview Whatever Happened To The Good Old Honky Tonk, Texas Woman, Natural Feelin' For You, Cowboys And Daddies, We've Been Malled, Ain't Going Down In The Ground Before My Time, I'd Do It With You; Love Light Comes A Shinin', Throw It Away, Colorado Country Morning.

SONGMAKER Kingdom Benson R-1058 1981
Preview Lifetime Love, Songmaker, Second Coming, Paradise, Take Some Time, Builder, You, Walk On Water, In America, You Prove Your Love Again.

Preview Pocketfull Of Hope, Miracle Merry-Go-Round, Piece Of The Rock, Young Girl, Are There Anymore Squares Out There, The American Way, I'm Somebody, He'll Never Walk Alone, Bread Upon The Water, Wonderin', Glory Train.

I REMEMBER RED Laserlight 12384 1994
Preview Just A Closer Walk With Thee, Satisfied Mind, Old Shep, Beyond The Sunset, Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy, Nearer My God To Thee, Old Grand Pappy's New Banjo, Goin' Home To Jesus, Steal Away, Tennessee Saturday Night, Goodnight Mama Goodnight Papa, There Will Be Peace In The Valley.

NO MORE MR. NICE GUY(-/125) Hip-O 40025 1996
Preview You've Got Another Thing Comin', Smoke On The Water, It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock'n Roll), Panama, No More Mr Nice Guy, Love Hurts, Enter Sandman, Holy Diver, Paradise City, Wind Cries Mary, Crazy Train, Stairway To Heaven.

WONDERFUL TIME UP THERE DJ Specialist 61004 2002
Preview I'll Be Home, At My Front Door, Tutti Frutti, Don't Forbit Me, Why Baby Why, Love Letters In The Sand, Wonderful Time Up There, Bernadine, Gee Whittakers, Five Ten Fifteen Hours, I'm In Love With You, For My Good Fortune, Two Hearts, Bingo, Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chicken, Tennessee Saturday Night, Johnny Will, Speedy Gonzales.

AMERICAN GLORY Gold 2134 2002
Preview Under God, America The Beautiful, I'm Proud To Be An American, Marine's Hymn, This Is My Country, Anchor's Aweigh, There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere, Cassions Go Rolling Along, America, United States Air Force, Battle Hymn Of The Republic, God Bless America, Star Spangled Banner, In America.

Bear Family
JIVIN' PAT Bear Family BFX-15230 1986
Preview Good Rockin' Tonight(-/49), For My Good Fortune, Flip Flop And Fly, Shotgun Boogie, Hoboken Baby, Fat Man, Tutti Frutti, Two Hearts Two Kisses (Make One Love), Rock Boll Weevil, Honey Hush, Bingo, Rock Around The Clock, I'm In Love With You, Money Honey, Wonderful Time Up There, Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens.

BABY OH BABY Bear Family BCD-15645 1992
Preview Baby Oh Baby, Rosmarie, Baby Sonnenschein, Wie Eine Lady, Ein Goldener Stern, Komm Zu Mir Wenn Du Einsam Bist, Oh Lady, Nein Nein Valentina, Mary Lou, Wo Find' ich Meine Traume, Que Pasa Contigo, Y Te Quiero Mucho, Recuerdame Siempre, Amor Al Reves, En Cualquier Lugar, Cartas En La Arena, Mai Mai Mai Valentina, Tu Che Non Hai Amato Mai, E Fuori La Pioggia Cade, Se Tu Non Fossi Qui.

FIFTIES Bear Family BCD-15884 1999
Preview 12 CD box.
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Pat Boone - LP's

Gepostet: 14.09.2009 - 18:50 Uhr  ·  #3
Hallo zusammen,
hallo Billy,

ich fange bei den amerikanischen LP's an. Die deutschen Single und LP's werde ich nach und nach vorstellen. Das Scannen braucht halt ein wenig Zeit. :P :P


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PAT BOONE_LP§003.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§003.jpg
Dateigröße: 892.63 KB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§003.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - 'Pat'
Heruntergeladen: 445
PAT BOONE_LP§002.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§002.jpg
Dateigröße: 875.24 KB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§002.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - Howdy
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PAT BOONE_LP§001.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§001.jpg
Dateigröße: 1.03 MB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§001.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - Pat Boone
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Pat Boone - LP's

Gepostet: 14.09.2009 - 18:56 Uhr  ·  #4
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PAT BOONE_LP§007.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§007.jpg
Dateigröße: 768.08 KB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§007.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - Star Dust
Heruntergeladen: 417
PAT BOONE_LP§005.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§005.jpg
Dateigröße: 789.3 KB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§005.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - Pat's Great Hits Volume 2
Heruntergeladen: 469
PAT BOONE_LP§004.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§004.jpg
Dateigröße: 1.03 MB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§004.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - Pat's Great Hits
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Pat Boone - LP's

Gepostet: 14.09.2009 - 18:59 Uhr  ·  #5
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PAT BOONE_LP§010.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§010.jpg
Dateigröße: 745.12 KB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§010.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - Moonglow
Heruntergeladen: 392
PAT BOONE_LP§009.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§009.jpg
Dateigröße: 759.53 KB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§009.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - Tenderly
Heruntergeladen: 448
PAT BOONE_LP§008.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§008.jpg
Dateigröße: 833.04 KB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§008.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - Yes Indeed!
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Pat Boone - LP's

Gepostet: 14.09.2009 - 19:04 Uhr  ·  #6
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PAT BOONE_LP§013.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§013.jpg
Dateigröße: 835.19 KB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§013.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - Great! Great! Great!
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PAT BOONE_LP§012.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§012.jpg
Dateigröße: 914.43 KB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§012.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - Great! Great! Great
Heruntergeladen: 459
PAT BOONE_LP§011.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§011.jpg
Dateigröße: 1.05 MB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§011.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - I'll See You In My Dreams
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Pat Boone - LP's

Gepostet: 14.09.2009 - 19:08 Uhr  ·  #7
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PAT BOONE_LP§016.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§016.jpg
Dateigröße: 779.64 KB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§016.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - Ain't That A Shame
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PAT BOONE_LP§015.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§015.jpg
Dateigröße: 1.14 MB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§015.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - Sings Guess Who?
Heruntergeladen: 465
PAT BOONE_LP§014.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§014.jpg
Dateigröße: 1.18 MB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§014.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - Moonriver
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Pat Boone - LP's

Gepostet: 14.09.2009 - 19:12 Uhr  ·  #8
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PAT BOONE_LP§019.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§019.jpg
Dateigröße: 988.58 KB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§019.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - The Golden Era Of Country Hits
Heruntergeladen: 502
PAT BOONE_LP§018.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§018.jpg
Dateigröße: 803.91 KB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§018.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - Golden Hits feat. Speedy Gonzales
Heruntergeladen: 398
PAT BOONE_LP§017.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§017.jpg
Dateigröße: 900.29 KB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§017.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - Boss Beat
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Pat Boone - LP's

Gepostet: 14.09.2009 - 19:16 Uhr  ·  #9
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PAT BOONE_LP§022.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§022.jpg
Dateigröße: 791.68 KB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§022.jpg
Information: Pat And Shirley Boone LP Dot - Side By Side
Heruntergeladen: 383
PAT BOONE_LP§021.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§021.jpg
Dateigröße: 1.01 MB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§021.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - This And That
Heruntergeladen: 469
PAT BOONE_LP§020.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§020.jpg
Dateigröße: 857.13 KB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§020.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - White Christmas
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Pat Boone - LP's

Gepostet: 14.09.2009 - 19:19 Uhr  ·  #10
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PAT BOONE_LP§024.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§024.jpg
Dateigröße: 397.92 KB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§024.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - White Christmas
Heruntergeladen: 356
PAT BOONE_LP§023.jpg
Dateiname: PAT BOONE_LP§023.jpg
Dateigröße: 811.3 KB
Titel: PAT BOONE_LP§023.jpg
Information: Pat Boone LP Dot - State Far
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Ergänzungen zu Pat Boone

Gepostet: 21.12.2011 - 15:12 Uhr  ·  #11
Gerd für deine disco - hier wäre eine ergänzung wichtig+ auf de DOT LP - THIS IS THAT -ist
der Titel - wait for me mary - different - mono zu stereo +
nur zur info - die erste pat boone lp dot 3012 hatte 12 titel- auf der engl. london ha-d2024
hat man 2 titel mehr- nämlich -i almost lost my mind+just as long as i´m with you++++
liebe grüsse hans peter
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Re: Pat Boone - Diskographie

Gepostet: 21.12.2011 - 20:49 Uhr  ·  #12
Servus Hans Peter!
Danke für den Hinweis.
Zu Mono und Stereo ist folgendes zu sagen. DOT hat aus Gründen die mir nicht bekannt sind (vielleicht waren es technische?) bei Einführung von Stereo die Titel für Stereo extra neu eingespielt und das nicht nur bei Pat Boone, sondern auch bei allen anderen DOT-Stars wie Tab Hunter etc.. Man hat zwar das gleiche Arrangement verwendet man hört aber sofort, dass es sich um unterschiedliche Aufnahmen handelt. Wann oder ob diese Praxis beendet wurde, ist mir leider nicht bekannt.
Ich nehme an, dass der von Dir genannte Titel "Wait For Me Mary" nicht völlig anders arrangiert ist. Man merkt vermutlich nur, dass er neu aufgenommen wurde.
Einen diesbezüglichen Vermerk habe ich bei der LP-Überschrift meiner Disco beigefügt, die man jetzt auch von hier anklicken kann
Keep Searchin'
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