I need help in finding this musician

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I need help in finding this musician

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I am a street musician and I was visiting Hamburg in October. I met this person on the street: on a wheelchair he came to me and we had a long talk about his past and about rock n roll and music and so on. He gifted me a song. Also he gave me his phone number, but later I discovered, that it is invalid, probably he made a mistake. And now I am trying to find him.
So, some information about him: he has ginger hair colour, he was a good musician in the past, travelled a lot, he opened a space for rock n roll musicians to record songs and to spend time together, but it faced fiasco. Right now he lives in Hamburg, but before he lived somewhere else, I didn't understand where. Also, he has some health problems now, he uses wheelchair and has O2 with him, cause he has some breathing problems. And also he told me his name: it should be something like Shalin or Shaline or something similar.
Please help, I really want to contact him, but can't find any information.
Also I add a photo of myself and him.
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I need help in finding this musician
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