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Re: BO DIDDLEY - I´m all right

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Jau, Thorsten, seit 8. März 2011 gibt es eine
Hip-O Select-CD mit den Titeln und Liner Notes

Ausnahmsweise mal die Anmerkung des Herausgebers in
Englisch (guckst Du bei Amazon..):
On March 8, 2011, Hip-O Select is proud to present the first reissue of Bo Diddley's Beach Party, the legendary rocker's first live album ever. A rough `n' tumble affair recorded live at a raucous Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, beach club on July 5 and 6, 1963, the album presents the Rock `n' Roll Hall Of Famer blasting his way through ten songs, nine originals plus an instrumental take on Chuck Berry's "Memphis."
In the liner notes for the package, critic/deejay Chris Morris says that it's a "live album that bristles with almost punk-like energy. Kicking off with a Diddley-fied cover of Chuck Berry's 1959 recording `Memphis,' Beach Party blazes through a hot set of cornerstone numbers - `Gunslinger,' `Hey Bo Diddley,' `Road Runner' and `Crackin' Up' (retitled `What's Buggin' You') - plus such oddities as an instrumental take on `On Top Of Old Smokey' and an adaption of...'Mr. Custer'... Bo & Co. tore up `the redneck Riviera' with their raucous, beat-crazed attack and exuberant songs."

We couldn't have said it any better ourselves, and for the first time since its original release in late 1963, Bo Diddley's Beach Party will once again be available to rock your blues away.
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