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Jim Bulleit gründete sein Label in den 40er Jahren und als
Ende der Veranstaltung BULLET RECORDS werden immer
die frühen 50er Jahre angegeben. Bulleit war sogar Partner
von Sam Phillips in dessen Anfangszeit.

Ist natürlich nicht richtig, da Bullet auch um 1965 noch Platten
veröffentlichte, als Jim´s Sohn Jack Mitglied bei THE VILLIANS wurde
und man Ende 1965 ein Tonstudio in Nashville für die erste Single
der Formation buchte.

Hier also alle BULLET-Einträge von Anfang bis Ende willkommen..

WIKIPEDIA ist also dieses Mal nicht ganz korrekt mit dem Label-Ende:
The earliest one was a record label based in Nashville, USA, which was started in 1945 by Jim Bulliet and C.V. Hitchcock. Bulleit was an early partner in Sun Records. Its only national hit was Francis Craig's pop recording of "Near You" made in early 1947, but the label was known for country music artists such as Boots Woodall's Radio Wranglers, who also recorded for Capitol Records, and Southern Gospel artists such as the Rangers Quartet and Speer Family. In 1949 they released B. B. King's first commercial single, Miss Martha King. Too much money was spent in hope of repeating the success of Francis Craig's "Near You" and the label was in trouble by 1949. Jim Bulliet sold out to W.C. "Red" Wortham, who had his Delta label (distributed by Bullet) in the same building. The label limped on for a few years but was out of business by 1952.

The Bullet, Sur-Speed and Delta catalogs were purchased by Bluesland Productions in the mid 1990s.

By the way: Herzliche Grüsse an Fred James von Bluesland Productions!
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..und die Gospel-Serie

Selbst CHARLINE ARTHUR nahm ihre erste Platte bei BULLET auf:
Nach einem Auftritt in Dallas wurde das Label Bullet Records auf sie aufmerksam, für die sie ihre erste Single aufnahm (WIKIPEDIA).

Bullet Records was one of the most successful independent record labels in the immediate post-World War II era. Founded in 1945 in Nashville by Jim Bulliet, Wally Fowler, and C.V. Hitchcock, the imprint had an initial plan to release records across a broad range of styles that included pop, gospel, county, R&B, and blues, but by the time Bulliet departed the label in 1948, the company's releases were largely for the country (then called hillbilly) and blues markets only. Bulliet was replaced by Overton Ganong in 1949, who stayed around just long enough to hand the reins over to W.C. "Red" Wortham a year or so later. By 1952 Bullet Records was dead in the water, which certainly wasn't Wortham's doing, since he had essentially inherited a sinking ship. Wortham and Bulliet revived the label toward the end of the decade, and when Bulliet again backed out, Wortham steered things through into the 1970s, by which time Bullet had descended to being a custom label for hire putting out anything anyone would pay to have released.
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....was man so alles im Computer hat... 8) 8)

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Information: Bullet 309 B. B. King
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Information: Bullet
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Bullet 754 Ray Batts

Bear Cat Daddy / Wild Man Boogie
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Bullet 618

York Brothers
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Information: Bullet 618 - York Brothers
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Ich weiß nicht, wieviel 45 RPM BULLET-Singles es bis 1962 gibt. Es werden nicht allzuviele sein. Da es aber ab Einführung der 45 RPM-Single im Februar 1949 das BULLET-Label noch gab, scheint es auch bei meinen Aufzeichnungen auf. Diesen Teil will euch jetzt trotz Lückenhaftigkeit zur Verfügung stellen. Das ist das Einzige, was ich zu diesem Thema bieten kann
Keep Searchin'

PS: Beim Beitrag vom 11. März 2010 kann man eine neue vervollständigte BULLET-Liste einsehen
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Bullet 696 - Rag Mop

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eine (auch in Gerds Liste enthaltene) Bullet-Scheibe steuere ich bei: Rag Mop von "Johnny Lee Wills & His Boys" aus 1949. Wills verdanken wir die Originalversionen - unendlich oft gecovert.

Gruß Ralf
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Danke an euch für die zahlreichen Scans und die Discographie
von Gerd für die Anfangstage. Von 1969 bis 1975 wurden
die BULLET-Singles BU-399 bis BU-557 mit Interpreten
wie Bob Marley & The Wailers oder PETER TOSH (BU-486)

Hier der Link und sicherheitshalber auch eine Kopie (man weiss ja
leider nie, wie lange ein Link Bestand hat):

The Bullet label ran for 6 years from its launch in 1969, and released some 150 singles of a consistently high standard. Maybe the design of the label was lifted from the old Nashville 78 , but the musical standard was set from the beginning, from timeless rock-steady classics such as The Clarendonians I Am Sorry, through to skinhead classics by Lloyd Charmers, The Hippy Boys, The Slickers and The Viceroys.
During 1971 Bullet released such gems as True Born African by Alton Ellis and Just Enough from David Isaacs. The high standard continued with such releases as Aily and Ailaloo by Niney and Max , Lick Samba and Soultown from Bob Marley & The Wailers, Maga Dog from Peter Tosh, and by 1975, Nyah Chant from The Sons of Jah.

Though there are many great tunes to be found here, let us not leave the Bullet label without mentioning Beat Down Babylon from Junior Byles, Shorty's Yama Skank, Tribute To Don Drummond by Rico, Here Come The Heartaches by Delroy Wilson, Copy Cat by Stranger Cole, and any of the tunes from Ian Smiths Inner Mind. Really, almost any tune on this label is worth having, making Bullet one of Pama's most consistent and respectable labels

Bullet Discography
Cat No Title Artist
BU-399 Throw Me Corn/Darling Remember Winston Shand/Pat Edwards
BU-400 Madam Straggae/ Married Man Girlie/ Laurel Aitken
BU-401 Let Me Tell You Boy/Mannix Ebony Sisters/Rhythm Rulers
BU-402 Heart Dont Leap/Im Sorry Dennis Walks/The Claredonians
BU-403 Duba Duba/Running Alone The Meditators/Cecil Thomas
BU-404 Work Boy Work Girl/Lonesome Feeling The Soul Rhythms/Cecil Thomas
BU-405 No Business Of Yours/Mash It Up George Williams
BU-406 Greatest Scorcher/Making Love The Tennors
BU-407 Tribute To Don Drummond/Japanese Invasion Rico Rodriquez
BU-408 Love Of My Life/Shady Tree Dennis Walks
BU-409 I Am Just A Minstrel/Yesterday The Kingstonians
BU-410 V. Rocket/Smile The Fabions
BU-411 Matilda/Come To Me Winston Shan/Harmonians
BU-412 Hog In A Me Minte/Lona Run Hippy Boys
BU-413 Whats Your Excuse/Tell Me Tell Me Hippy Boys
BU-414 Cat Woman/Selassie Seranade Glen Adams/Peter Touch
BU-415 Motherless Children/Im Not Afraid Willie Francis
BU-416 Run Nigel Run/Come Home The Chuckles
BU-417 Black Is Soul/Always With Me The Imperials
BU-418 Not Known
BU-419 Copy Cat/Hot Lead Stranger Cole, Derrick Morgan & Owen Grey/Bunny Lee All Stars
BU-420 Boss Walk/Each Time Bunny Lee All Stars/Ebony Sisters
BU-421 The Feelings Is Fine/Girl You Are Killing Me Freddie Notes & The Rudies
BU-422 Thats My Life/Queen Of Hearts Fitzroy Sterling
BU-423 Pheonix/Heartbreak Girl N. Brown
BU-424 Fist Full/Crystal Crystallites
BU-425 Come By Here/Somebody Winston & Rupert
BU-426 Summer Place/Big Boy Ranny Williams & The Hippy Boys
BU-427 Last Date/Cherry Pink Hortence Ellis/Pat
BU-428 Savage Colt/The Clean Hog The Eldorados
BU-429 Version Of Rome/Rome Rhythm Rulers/Lloyd Jones
BU-430 Na Na Hay Hay Goodbye/Musical Bop The Clan/King Sutch
BU-431 Pupa Live On Eye Top/Give Me Faith The Reggae Boys
BU-432 Not Known
BU-433 Not Known
BU-434 Baby Hue/Exposure Lloyd Terrell
BU-435 Dollars & Bonds/Sounds Familiar The Charmers
BU-436 The Return Of Batman/In Action Sydney Allstars
BU-437 Outer Space/Full Moon Sydney All Stars
BU-438 Freedom Street/Version Fitzroy Sterling/Fitzroy All Stars
BU-439 Reggae Sounds Are Boss/Goodbye my love Fitzroy & Harry/Fitzroy Sterling
BU-440 Nice Grind/Version The Rebels/Sydney All Stars
BU-441 Chariot Coming/Stackata The Viceroys/Sydney Allstars
BU-442 Reggae A Bye Bye/Dr Jekell Lloyd Charmers
BU-443 Oh Me Oh My/I Did It Lloyd Terrell
BU-444 Power Control/Dip Dip The Viceroys/The Slickers
BU-445 Keep Trying/Version 2 Little Roy/The Matadors
BU-446 I Don’t Like To Intefere/Preaching Love The Maytones
BU-447 Second Pressure/Sammy Dead
The Rhythm Rulers
BU-448 Set Back/Version Gregory Isaacs
BU-449 Coolie Gal/Balling Baby The Slickers/Bigie
BU-450 Come On Over/Version Viceroys/Sydney All Stars
BU-451 Not Known
BU-452 Be Strong/Version Solomon Jones
BU-453 Fancy Clothes/Jack & Jill Viceroys/Biggie
BU-454 I Wish/Black Is Black Basil Gail
BU-455 Get Out Of This Land/Landmark Sammy Morgan/Sydney All Stars
BU-456 Knock Three Times/The Whealing Mouse Carl Lewin/Sydney All Stars
BU-457 Call Me/Instrumental 457
BU-458 Leave A Little Love/My Baby Cimmerons
BU-459 Just Enough/Standing David Isaacs/Roy Patin
BU-460 Can’t Reach You/Natural Woman Untouchables/Carl Dawkins
BU-461 All Combine/Version 2 Lee Perry & The Upsetters
BU-462 My Love/Stronger Love Rupie Edwards All Stars
BU-463 Shock Attack/Cuban Waltz Rad Bryan
BU-464 Soultown/Let The Sun Shine On Me Bob Marley & The Wailers
BU-465 Arawak Version/Cuffy Cuffy (Cuffy Gully) The Inner Mind
BU-466 Black Man’s Pride/Groove With It Alton Ellis/Leroy Palmer
BU-467 Nobody’s Business/Standing By Derrick Morgan
BU-468 Not Known
BU-469 Not Known
BU-470 Rebel Nyah/Feel The Spirit Viceroys
BU-471 I Wanna Be Loved/Get Back Together Winston Groovy
BU-472 Peace Begins Within/Go Back Home Nora Dean/Slickers
BU-473 Reggae In Wonderland/Wonder (Version) The Charmers
BU-474 Zion/Zion Version Danny & The Flames/The Adisababians
BU-475 The Same Thing For Breakfast/Sweeter Than Honey Winston & Pat
BU-476 ever Love Another/Version Busty Brown
BU-477 There’s A Train/Blue Moon Speed
BU-478 Mother Oh Mother/Dreams Of Passion Max Romeo/Morgan Allstars
BU-479 Let It Be Me/All I Have To Do Is Dream The Cariboes
BU-480 Not Known
BU-481 Not Known
BU-482 Not Known
BU-483 Dandy Shandy Version 4/Go Back Version 3 Impact All Stars
BU-484 Not Known
BU-485 I Don’t Care/True Born African Alton Ellis
BU-486 Maga Dog/Bull Dog Peter Tosh/3rd & 4th Generation
BU-487 Not Known
BU-488 Your Sop/Medley Stranger Cole
BU-489 Willie’s Rouster/Rouster Version Willie Francis
BU-490 Devil Woman/Venn Street Rub Ian Smith & Inner Mind
BU-491 So Far Away/Version Bellteecs
BU-492 One Night Of Sin/Version The Stickers
BU-493 Lick Samba/Samba Bob Marley & The Wailers
BU-494 I’m Gonna Live Some Life/Rock ’In’ Rupie Edwards/Rupie Edwards All Stars
BU-496 Tropical Land/Love I Bring The Melodians/Hugh Roy & Slim Smith
BU-497 So Ashamed/My Only Love Tony Brevett
BU-498 Three Combine/I’m The Nearest To Your Heart Syd & Joe
BU-499 Beat Down Babylon/Version Junior Byles/The Upsetters
BU-500 Butter And Bread/Version Lloyd Young/Shalimar All Stars
BU-501 High School Serenade/On The Track Lennox Brown/Winston Scotland
BU-502 Rum Rhythm/Version Shirley & Charmers/Lloyd Charmers
BU-503 Aily And Ailaloo/Episode 2 Niney & Max
BU-504 Hard To Believe/Softie George Meggie/Max Romeo
BU-505 Not Known
BU-506 Pure In Heart/Clean Hands Bill Gentles
BU-507 Sad Movies/Movies Version Barbara Jones/Sir Harry
BU-508 Oily Sound/Oily Version Lloyd Tyrell
BU-509 Dub Up A Daughter/Daughter Dennis Alcapone/Tony’s Allstars
BU-510 Not Known
BU-511 Babylon Falling/Make It Love Gaby Wilton & Charlie All Stars/Charlie Ace
BU-512 Howdy And Tenky/Sprinkle Some Water Flowers And Alvin/Shortie Perry
BU-513 The King Is Back/Version Hoffner Brothers/Shalimar All Stars
BU-514 I Miss My Schooldays/Version BB Seaton/Conscious Minds
BU-515 For Once In My Life/Didn’t I Cornell Campbell
BU-516 Not Known
BU-517 Not Known
BU-518 Not Known
BU-519 Mr Parkers Daughter/On Top Of The Peak Sir Harry/U Roy
BU-520 Here Come The Heartaches/You'll Be Sorry Delroy Wilson
BU-521 Highjack Plane/Shower Of Rain Avengers
BU-522 Ben/Version Margaret Elaine
BU-523 A Place In The Sun/Burning Fire Slim Smith
BU-524 The Word Is Black/Town Talk King Miguel
BU-525 Go On This Way/Santic Dub Freddie McKay/Santic All Stars
BU-526 Not Known
BU-527 Take Time Out/Just Like A Dog Three Tops
BU-528 People Get Funny/Version G G All Stars
BU-529 Yama Skank/Doctor Run Come Quick Shorty The President/Hugh Roy Junior
BU-530 Not Known
BU-531 Not Known
BU-532 Not Known
BU-533 Not Known
BU-534 Not Known
BU-535 Not Known
BU-536 Not Known
BU-537 Not Known
BU-538 Not Known
BU-539 Not Known
BU-540 Not Known
BU-541 Not Known
BU-542 Not Known
BU-543 Not Known
BU-544 Not Known
BU-545 Not Known
BU-546 Not Known
BU-547 Not Known
BU-548 Not Known
BU-549 Not Known
BU-550 No Money No Friend/Money Dub Shelton Walks
BU-551 Not Known
BU-552 Step Right Up/Banjo Serenade I Roy/Andys Allstars
BU-553 Not Known
BU-554 Ealing In The Barnyard/Ealing Dub Starlights
BU-555 Lonely Days/Version Gregory Isaacs
BU-556 Not Known
BU-557 Nyah Chant/Rasta Waltz Sons Of Jah
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