Carol Kaye Beteiligung an Aufnahmen der BBs

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Carol Kaye Beteiligung an Aufnahmen der BBs

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Bei Facebook hat Carol Kaye einen Artikel veröffentlicht, in dem sie selbst alle Aufnahmen aufzählt, an denen sie beteiligt war. Zudem gibt es noch Bilder mit ihr und Brian sowie ein Gruppenfoto backstage der Hollywood Bowl.
Carol Kaye
Left to right, Mr, and Mrs. Mike Lloyd, Brian at top, Nancy Sinatra in the middle (we were all her guests for dinner at the Hollywood Bowl's Brian Wilson Concert!) - right top, Don Randi.

Several have emailed questions, so will post this again for ALL, OK to share, thx:
Carol Kaye
BEACH BOYS CREDITS - PER UNION RECORDING CONTRACTS AND MY LOG ALSO: There's been so many emails about which of the BB's hits I played on, etc., that I've decided to post them here for general information. This is not just from my Log, or memory, but also verified by Musicians Union Contracts. Be aware that there were 13 total recording dates for "Good Vibrations", the first date (dates are 3-hour sessions in the studio) at Gold Star with Ray Pohlman on elec. bass was totally scrapped, and I did the other 12 dates on "Good Vibrations" for Brian at Western Studio 3. A copy of the re-use check I get for "Good Vibrations" is on the website.
Studio musicians receive royalty checks on these tunes when re-used in movies according to the Union contracts - and while there's many kinds of paperwork, so-called "studio sheets" some erroneous book writers make up and "produce for evidence of what malarky they try to say, we get our re-use monies from the real thing.
BTW, Carl was the only BB who recorded on about 2-3 of these..... studio musicians who were doing all the 1,000s of record dates in the 1960s for all the well-known groups and artists at that time did these hits for the Beach Boys with Brian Wilson producing and bringing in his hand-written charts.....none of the Beach Boys were around at all, but a few times, they would drop by to listen to our track for a few minutes, and then leave after exchanging a joke with Hal Blaine. The guitar solos were done by either Glen Campbell or Billy Strange.
The BB's did about the first recording dates to start with before they brought in studio musicians, i.e., Hal Blaine is the only one of us playing on "Barbara Ann", and then I played guitar on "Surfin' USA" (that's Billy Strange on the solo guitar on that one), and bass on the following : Help Me Rhonda, Calif. Girls, The Little Girl I Once Knew, Please Let Me Wonder, I Get Around - all according to our Musicians Contracts. Ray Pohlman and Hal Blaine were used on the few record dates recorded later at Brian's home....they used a few studio musicians there also. I was so busy as #1 call on bass everywhere, I never recorded at Brian's home which were usually last-minute calls.
Pet Sounds ones I did, as listed on the Musicians Contracts, all recorded at Western Studio 3 - Sloop John B, God Only Knows, Wouldn't It Be Nice, Caroline No, Don't Talk Put Your Head On My Shoulder, I'm Waiting For The Day, Pet Sounds, Let's Go Away For Awhile, You Still Believe in Me, In My Room.
Ray Pohlman is on elec. bass on (not me): I Know There's An Answer - I Just Wasn't Made For These Times - Here Today.
I'm on Dano on "Please Let Me Wonder", that's Ray Pohlman on the Fender Bass on that one, cut at Western.
On "The Little Girl I Once Knew", that's Lyle Ritz on string bass, Barney Kessel on Dano, and myself on Fender Bass.
On Smile, all recorded at Western Studio 3, I played bass on: Good Vibrations, Heroes And Villains, Child Is The Father of The Man, Surf's Up, Cabinessence, Mrs. O'Leary's Cow - the Fire dates, Do You Like Worms, Vega-Tables, Wonderful, Can't Wait Too Long - many others but all those credits will be in my book to be completed soon. Am playing Dano bass guitar on "Please Let Me Wonder" (Ray Pohlman is on Fender bass on that). This is all according to Musician's contract records at the Union, and I do remember a lot of all the dates we did with Brian Wilson for the Beach Boys.
There is one more I have in my notes from the contracts: played elec. bass on The Little Girl I Once Knew and bass on "Wonderful" - Smile lp. Also,someone just posted at the Forum that they heard the bootleg of talking and that I was on"Let Him Run Wild".
Carol Kaye please note: all vocals were overdubbed after we cut the band tracks.
PS. From a friend of mine: >>>>Carol, I own the 10 CD bootleg, Big Bag Of Vegetables, it's all the outakes from the smile sessions, if you want copies, I'll send them to you. Yes, you can hear you speaking all over these cuts. Many times Brian speaks directly to you and wants you to explain to the others how to play certain parts, it's awesome to hear how it happened
About "Don't Worry Baby", I'm probably on that one as I did most of Brian's dates on bass after Ray Pohlman did a few initially, then Brian used me on bass and Ray filled in on a few when I would be previously booked for other people, Ray is on bass at Brian's house recordings.
BTW,that's EARL PALMER (most recorded studio drummer 1947 on through 2004) on "Please Let Me Wonder" Beach Boys hit.
This wonderful message from a fan:
>>>>>>>>I can't emphasize enough the high regard Brian Wilson spoke about you. It was a fifteen minute conversation back in 2005. If I remember right, he offered to call if anyone would make a $150 pledge to help victims of the Katrina disaster.
He called me and asked if I had any questions I had for him, after he thanked me profusely for my gift. My first question was just blurted out of shock while I recovered that I recovered from getting a call from Brian; my second question was simply, 'how did you enjoy working with Carol Kaye?' -----and he could't stop about how wonderful you are! i couldn't get a word in edge-wise.
He talked about how helpful you had been to him and your expertise, holding himself as a far second to your bass playing ability. He was a delight to listen to as he talked about you---I think he talked about 20 minutes. <<<<<
from Carol: believe me, the feeling is mutual, always a pleasure to work for Brian, and soooo happy to see him get his just-due rewards now too! He's magic, wrote and produced it and just is a master at his beautiful craft of songwriting, arranging (yes he wrote ALL the bass notes!), and producing! Genius with a capital "G".
Carol Kaye
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